HongMeng Data Recovery are based in Tianjin and provide data recovery services for China, and we have one clients in Changzhou City,Jiangsu Province.

           Our Services

           1、 Hard Drive Recovery

           Electronic Faults

           Hard Drive Clicking

           Water Damage

           SSD Recovery

           Hard Drive Data Recovery and Repair

           No matter what the symptom is with your faulty hard drive, HongMeng can help with recovering your data.

           Maybe you accidentally dropped your hard drive or it’s just started performing slowly and you cannot access your data: we specialise in recovering data from all types of failure from all different makes, models and size of hard drive. We commonly recover data from the following types of issues:

           Devices that are ticking, clicking or making other unusual noises

           Physically damaged storage devices

           Drives that are not spinning or have an electronic fault

           Virus/Malware attacks

           Boot up error messages

           Water Damaged devices

           Accidentally deleted files and formatted hard drives

           What We Can Recover From

           It doesn’t matter what the interface type is for your hard drive. We can recover from PATA, SATA, SCSI & SAS. We can also recover data from external devices that connect using USB 2.0, USB 3.0, eSATA, all forms of Firewire and NAS storage devices.

           We can also recover data from SSD Storage. This is fast becoming the new form of storage for computers and we have the necessary equipment to carry out successful data recovery on these types of devices. Service Levels

           We have two levels of service for data recovery

           Standard 7 working day turnaround

           24/48 hour Emergency service

           2、 External Storage Recovery

           Portable USB Hard Drives

           Desktop External Hard Drives

           Multi Disk Storage

           Memory Card and USB Stick Recovery

           USB Memory Stick Data Recovery

           Memory Card Recovery

           SD Cards

           Compact Flash

           Sony MS Pro Duo

           External Hard Drive Data Recovery and Repair

           External storage devices are now common place as an extra storage method, enabling users to store vast amounts of data and saving space on the computer or as a handy backup method for data stored elsewhere.

           The main problem with this type of storage is that it is portable and therefore at risk of being damaged from knocks or drops.

           HongMeng Data Recovery can recover data from all the following types of external storage:

           Directly Attached Storage (USB, Firewire, eSata)

           Most external devices with directly attached connections usually have a standard form factor hard drive securely installed inside the enclosure. Unfortunately this type of drive is not designed to be moved around a lot due to the mechanical parts inside which does mean more often than not you can experience issues accessing your data. HongMeng deals with a lot of external devices with the most common issues being dropped, knocked and liquid damage.

           USB Flash Drives

           Also known as Pen Drives, Memory Sticks and Dongles. This type of storage is more robust that the more traditional form factor hard drive however it is still prone to damage. HongMeng specialise in recovery from flash devices, recovering data from bent, snapped and flash devices that are no longer unrecognised by the computer.

           Network Attached Storage (NAS)

           This is fast becoming the most popular method of storage for data. NAS storage usually consists of multiple hard drives that span the data across themselves. This type of storage device usually runs its own software (usually Linux) and can be accessed by multiple computers on your network.

           Most NAS devices use the traditional form factor hard drives and as a result can be prone to the same issues. As the data is saved over multiple drives the process of recovering data can be more complicated: however, HongMeng have experience recovering data from system crashes, physical faults and NAS device failures.

           3、Memory Card and USB Stick Recovery

           USB memory sticks and Memory cards are two forms of storage that share the same components: they both use flash chips for storage. As they have no moving parts they are a very popular form of portable storage.

          However, they are still prone to faults due to water damage, being broken or snapped and not being recognised by the computer, digital camera or phone.

          HongMeng Data Recovery can recover data from all different types of flash storage. We have special equipment which lets us read data directly from the chip (NAND extraction), which is very handy when there is component failure.

          If you need us to recover your lost files please feel free to contact us. Initial diagnosis and assessment is completely free, and we only charge for a successful job. No data = No Fee.

           4、NAS and RAID External Drives

           Home networks and businesses are now turning to network storage devices to look after their data. The advantage with a network storage device is that multiple computers and other devices can access the data on them. Within the home you can use a NAS device for storing your media on so it can stream to different devices within the home.

          A lot of RAID devices come with different configurations: some cater for speed of access and others cater for hard drive failure redundancy. The way that data is stored on these types of devices is different to a traditional single hard drive or a flash device, as the data is spanned over several hard drives to improve performance. However this can cause complications when data recovery is required.

          Most NAS/RAID devices use non native file systems, which means that the file systems that are not commonly associated with Windows PCs and Apple MAC computers.

          This is not a problem for HongMeng as we are setup to recover data from all types of file system.

          If you need us to recover your lost files please feel free to contact us