Hongmeng International Data Recovery Center

Hongmeng International Data Recovery Center, certified by Tianjin High-tech SMEs, is a full service data recovery lab with professional clean-room built to provide exceptional recovery services to users who are experiencing data loss. We are one of the first batch of certified companies in China that can provide qualified and professional data recovery and repair service. We have qualified and professional technicians specialized in any form of data recovery and repair. During the past 15 years, we have been keeping researching in the new technology of data recovery and repair, and have developed tools and acquired patents in order to provide reliable, creative and swift solutions for our customers, whether they are a large corporation, small business or a common user.

When You Face a Possible Data Loss

1. Power off the machine, and DO NOT try recovering by yourself.

2. Assess the safety of the device.

3. Record error messages and unusual sound.

4. Contact a recovery specialist for advice and service.

why choose us

-Qualified experts with rich case experience

-Professional clean-room and new software and hardware tools

-No-data, No-charge

-Trict Privacy Policy

-Emergency service (24x7 at your call)

-Free evaluations on many common recovery scenarios

-Rapid service

-15 years of successful cases