Active Directory Data Recovery



Active Directory is an indispensable service for enterprise network, without which all the network operations will come to a stop. No IT environments, either on-premises or cloud, can be spared from accidental deletions or modifications. Active Directory environments are not an exception to this rule. So the active directory administrators must be prepared for all kinds of disasters in order to prevent the active directory forests from being attacked. There is a wide scope for the disaster scenarios, from the accidental deletion of an object to a slightly complicated situation of the wrong deletion of an entire organization unit.

Hongmeng International Data Center provides data recovery service for Active Directory based on our rich successful case experiences and profound up-to-date expertise.

Active Directory Disaster Recovery

Restore Objects
Wrong deletion of an Active Directory object (e.g: users, groups, or GPOs) can be disastrous based on its importance. Deleting a common user account would only lead to a minor inconvenience to a small number of people, but removing the user account of a critical resource or a GPO that affects multiple users can lead to serious results in the works. 

Restore an entire OU and its constituent objects

Organization Units (OU) are the smallest Active Directory objects to which group policies can be assigned, and so they are an important component in Active Directory administration. Our data recovery service can restore OUs and their constituent objects with all the corresponding attributes including linked attributes like group membership information. Thus restores the deleted objects to the groups they previously belonged to, ensuring that permissions offered to objects keep consistent after being restored.

Active Directory Object Recovery

User Recovery
User objects are the basic parts of an Active Directory environment. Sometimes the administrators accidentally delete active Active Directory users when they implement management over the Active Directory environment. The deleted users can no longer continue with their work. It’s extremely important to restore them with their original attributes so that they can be productive again.

Group Recovery
Active Directory groups manage security permissions and authorizations. Groups can create email distribution lists. Wrongly added or deleted users to groups might jeopardize the security of sensitive resources or documents.
The restoration of groups include restoring the deleted groups with their attributes, security permissions and authorizations, reverting undesirable changes of group attributes, and restoring the entire group to the ideal state of a previous point.   

GPO Recovery
GPOs play an important part in working environment management of user and computer accounts. A GPO can include thousands of settings. It can also be linked to an OU or a domain to control the corresponding users and computers. When administrators make wrong modification or deletion on GPOs, the AD environment will be affected to a large extent. It’s urgent to restore the wrongly operated GPOs to their perfect condition.

Computer Recovery
In the Active Directory environment, users are authenticated through their computers in a domain.Once the computer accounts are deleted, the corresponding users are automatically deleted from the domain simultaneously. Users can no longer log on to the network through these computers. These deleted computer accounts must be restored to the domain so that the corresponding users can have access to the resources again.

DNS Recovery
When there is disaster failure with the DNS server, it will be unable to locate the resources in the network. All Active Directory operations come to a halt. And it’s the prior task to restore the DNS data.

Exchange Attribute Recovery
Exchange attributes are basic part for communication in Active Directory. All users, groups, and contacts have information of Exchange, such as Email address, department names, mailbox GUID, mailbox policy setup, etc. Sometimes, administrators might accidentally delete users, groups, and contacts during Active Directory management, which results in the stop of mail communication and considerable loss to the enterprise. At this time, it is vital to make an instant recovery to restore all deleted or modified Exchange attributes to the original normal state.

Contact Recovery
The Active Directory contact information includes phone numbers, Email addresses, etc. Our data recovery can restore the deleted contact and its membership attributes.