NAS / SAN Data Recovery


In most cases, the data recovery on NAS/SAN devices involves an integration of physical, logical and electronic methods, which makes the whole recovery process much complicated. Since data recovery on NAS/SAN devices is much complicated and requires specific skill and knowledge, it cannot be done by some unskilled engineers. NAS means ‘Network Attached Software’, and SAN ‘Storage Area Network’. Data on both of these devices can be recovered by using an integration of logical and physical data recovery methods. Please seek help from the best in data recovery services and professionals that can provide you with high-quality data recovery solutions. It’s also true because you cannot let anyone experiment with your databases and lose your data with no possibility to recover it in future.
Hongmeng International Data Center is an industry leader in NAS/SAN data recovery with profound case experience and high-end techniques. We are your reliable and prior choice:
  1. Your devices are only handled by professionals with rich expertise and experience 
  2. The entire process data recovery is effectively monitored in order to ensure the best result
  3. No hidden or unnecessary costs
  4. We will handle your data in a secure and reliable manner, and will strictly observe the industry standards and privacy agreement

Common Causes for NAS Data Loss

  • System failures
  • Software malfunctions
  • Control board failure
  • Human errors

Supported NAS Devices

  • Visionman Vision Vault NAS Device
  • D-Link NAS Device
  • Buffalo NAS Device
  • Iomega NAS Device
  • Synology NAS Device
  • LaCie NAS Device
  • Thecus NAS Device
  • Western Digital Share Space NAS Device
  • Netgear NAS Device
  • Hp Media Smart NAS Device
  • Data Robotics NAS Device
  • GMG NAS Device
  • Vantec NAS Device
  • Coolmax NAS Device
  • Trendnet NAS Device
  • Linksys NAS Device
  • Sans Digital NAS Device
  • Systemax NAS Device
  • SonicWall NAS Device
  • Kanguru NAS Device
  • US Robotics NAS Device
  • Seagate NAS Device
  • Dell Powervault NAS Device
  • Overland Snap Server NAS Device