Microsoft Access Data Recovery



Hongmeng International Data Center can restore the lost or deleted Microsoft Access database files and repair the damaged database.

Common Errors With Microsoft Access

  • Database cannot be opened
  • System errors or malfunction with specific objects or specific operations
  • Trunctuated or damaged files
  • Accidentally deleted record, table, form, report or Visual Basic
  • Lost password, or ACL protected tables or other objects inaccessible with administrator password
  • Deleted, damaged or lost Visual Basic
  • Lost group files
  • System errors: unrecognizable database format; database cannot be opened; Microsoft Access detects some database is unstable and attempts repair; data cannot be repaired or it is not a Microsoft Access database file; Microsoft Access cannot open table in the data table view; form name misspelt or the form does not exist; the Visual Basic application project in the database is damaged; database cannot be opened because the VBA project in it is unreadable; the report name typed in the property table or the macro is misspelt or the report does not exist; Microsoft Access cannot find some object.

Our Service

  • Repair damaged Microsoft Access database
  • Repair accdb, accde, mdb or mde files
  • Copy all valid data to a new normal file
  • Restore files that cannot be opened by Access
  • Restore lost, damaged or deleted data
  • Unlock protected database
  • Unlock group file (mdb)
  • Restore encrypted database (mdb)
  • Beside basic data recovery, we can also restore Visual Basic in modules, forms and reports, attachment fields (including all contained files), field property, table, macro, etc.
  • Restore virtual tables linked to external database
  • Restore all types of queries
  • Remove administrator password on tables or objects
  • Restore undefined tables