Mac Data Recovery


Mac OS is one of the most popular operating systems. When you are confronting with Mac problems, for example there is clicking noise on the hard drive, or the computer cannot boot up at all, and as a result, your data is completely inaccessible, you need a Mac data recovery specialist. There are many reasons for these issues, but mostly because of small logical issues in the hard drive and those can be resolved in several hours. For physical or mechanical damages, there is still high possibility for recovery. However, the successful possibility will get much small when you seek help from an unprofessional and inexperienced data recovery service provider, which can make your situation much worse. At this time, your best choice is to shut down the system, stop storing more files to the hard drive or memory devices, otherwise the lost or deleted data may be overwritten, and call Hongmeng International Data Center for consultation and data recovery service.

Hongmeng International Data Center has qualified experts and high-end software and hardware tools. We have many successful cases which are determined to be impossible by other service providers. We observe strict data privacy policy for both personal and enterprise data.


Common Errors with Mac Data

  • Accidentally deleted files
  • Bad sectors in the disk
  • Files are inaccessible after errors
  • Disk is damaged or cannot be mounted
  • Damaged partition table
  • Disk initialization
  • Damaged main directory block or volume head
  • Damaged directory files
  • Damaged extension files
  • Damaged directory file node

Our Service

  • Save lost or inaccessible files in any scenarios
  • Restore data from lost, deleted, formatted partitions, or FAT, HFS, HFS+ logical volumes
  • Restore file system components
  • Restore Mac files damaged by virus attack, power outage or software errors
  • Restore data from initialized disk
  • Restore data even from lost or damaged drive partition table, boot record, master file table and root directory
  • Restore boot sector
  • Restore data from unmountable hard drive
  • Support HFS, HFS+, FAT partitions