SSD Data Recovery



SSD technology combines a set of flash chips to serve as an entire storage. The SSD products were put into market in the 80’s of last century, and have been gradually adopted by enterprises and users with the significant decrease of the price.

Hongmeng International Data Center is one of the first batch of service providers in SSD data recovery field. We keep regular technology research and development and have accumulated rich expertise of NAND technology. We can handle data loss of any scenarios and provide reliable and high-quality data recovery service for SSD and SSHD of various brands.

Common Reasons for SSD Data Loss

  • File damage out of nature factors
  • File damage out of software or OS failure
  • Physical or electronic damage on components
  • Bad sector
  • Occasional deletion of files
  • Memory wear by excessive overwrite
  • File corruption for virus infection or malwareWhen there is data loss on SSD, please shut down the system at once to prevent overwriting and further damage to the lost data, otherwise the recovery possibility will be decreased. Call us for immediate consultation so as to start the restoration process ASAP and save the data with high possibility.
    Hongmeng International Data Center has rich successful case experience in SSD data recovery, and can provide reliable and creative solutions. We implement strict privacy policy and have high-end network facilities to ensure the privacy security of our customers.

Our Service

  • Save files lost or inaccessible in any scenarios
  • Restore data from lost, deleted, formatted partitions, or FAT, HFS, HFS+ logical volumes
  • Restore file system component
  • Restore Mac files damaged by virus attack, power outage and software errors 
  • Restore data from initialized disk
  • Restore data even from lost and damaged drive partition table, boot record, master file table, root directory
  • Restore boot sector
  • Restore data from unmountable hard drive