SQL Server Data Recovery



SQL Server is a powerful database management system for enterprise level environments with advanced data storage requirements, with a full set of tools for simplifying database development, maintenance and administrations.

There are many reasons for damaged SQL database files (.mdf, ndf, .bak, .ldf, .bak). Hongmeng Security Data Center has qualified database engineers and provides high quality recovery service for damaged SQL database, backups and logs.

SQL Server Common Errors

  • Lost or deleted tables
  • Unexpected SQL Server shutdown
  • Corrupted file system
  • Virus attack
  • Disk space runs out
  • Read/write errors
  • Hardware failure, such as RAID/hard drive crash
  • Wrong operations like accidentally dropped tables
  • The repair is bypassed because of the repair level of the DBCC statement
  • Error cannot be fixed by the system
  • Table or object with name xxx cannot be found
  • Memory allocation error in DBCC processing
  • Index 'INDEX_NAME' on table 'OBJECT_NAME' is marked offline

Our service

  • Recovers tables, stored procedures, views
  • Recovers predefined defaults, default values, rules, constrain "CHECKS", user data types
  • Recovers database files of multiple volumes
  • Recovers primary keys, unique key, indexes, foreign keys
  • Recovers triggers
  • Recovers SQL Server 2008 sparse columns
  • Restores index key sort order
  • Recovers deleted records and saves in a separate SQL script
  • Recovers partly damaged records and stores in a separate batch file
  • Recovers report features